Zedwars Update - April 2022

Zedwars is at a stage where we are actively seeking funding opportunities to help launch the game.

We are exploring all possible avenues including, but not limited to, private investment and a potential Kickstarter campaign.

The team working on Zedwars have been self-funding the project. Progress has been slow, as we are developing the game alongside our full-time jobs and having to pause for lengths of time to raise funds.

Note from the owner

Zedwars is a game close to my heart, with fond memories of being a player prior to taking ownership. When I took on the task of managing Zedwars, I knew the game required a complete overhaul.

I underestimated the financial cost of developing such a large browser-based game. With my background in game development I have been taking on the development side of things, but there's a lot more to creating an immersive and enjoyable game.

I have reached a stage where personally funding the game, alongside managing and developing it, has become challenging. Without the opportunity to work full-time on Zedwars, I do not see this game being ready to launch in the near future.

I will now be exploring funding opportunities that would enable me to work full-time on the project.

You can contact me at hello@zedwars.com where I'll be happy to answer any questions or discuss opportunities.

I apologise to all the players who are eagerly awaiting the return of Zedwars.

- Adam