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Game Update

After many years, Zedwars has reached a stage where the previous owner, Jason, is no longer able to dedicate the time required to maintain the game. He has owned and maintained Zedwars for many years, building it into a great free-to-play game.

Jason has decided that the time has come to transfer the ownership of the game to a long-time friend, and former Zedwars developer, Adam. This change is effective as of 1st August 2019.

Over the coming months, Adam and his team will be recreating Zedwars from the ground up. Combining the original aspects we love, along with plenty of new features to refresh the game. The team will be going back to the drawing board, reimagining the foundations of the game and creating a new and improved gaming experience.

For those long-time Zedwars players, we understand these changes may be received negatively. These changes have been brought about to ensure the longevity and future of the game, and to bring back the enjoyment of Zedwars for everyone.


The short answer is no.

Zedwars will be undergoing an entirely new overhaul. The core features of the game are being redeveloped, meaning old character's data would be incompatible with the new game model.

This decision was solidified after the recent loss of core game data due to the previous hosting company shutting down.

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